Fake Fingerprint Detection

What is a Fake Fingerprint?

It is an artificial fingerprint made from silicone, rubber, paper, gel, or film which is used to defeat common biometric readers. Our Time & Attendance Solution manages access records obtained from authentication server. There is no need of additional installation of Time & Attendance devices as a fingerprint recognition device can be used as the basis of an integrated system. In addition, access records are strictly managed based on fake fingerprint detection function. Thus, manipulation of work hours can be prevented in advance.

Our access control solution provides advanced control system for high security and convenience. Users can manage their human resource effectively by monitoring access history and current conditions of visitors. Unexpected accidents can be preventedby remote control in emergency. Also make sure there is annual inspection to ensure the system works perfectly. Confidential documents and assets can be protected by accurate access control solution.

Typical Fake Fingerprints

Alternative Fingerprint, Terminal Manufacturers Weakness

Most biometric sensors can be defeated using a variety of commonly known methods. This renders most biometric technology useless as the level of security does not protect businesses from the financial loss through fraudulent clocking, nor does it provide the level of security required by government, airport, military and commercial organizations. You can buy one of these biometric sensors by getting loans from financejar.co.uk.

VIRDI’s Patented Live & Fake Finger Detection Technology
(Patent Protected)

VIRDI’s patented optical fingerprint sensor incorporates both LIVE and FAKE finger detection using a combination of the technologies below.

How to make the fake fingerprints

Showing the fake fingerprints

How to verify the fake fingerprints

Fake Fingerprints Detection

Fake Fingerprint Detection (Summary) from ViRDI