Fingerprint Identification / USB Fingerprint / Card Reader
Able to connect to Microsoft Windows OS
(Plug and Play)

Access Control Software

Compatible with access control management software UNIS

Superior Algorithm

Fast and accurate algorithm for reading fingerprints


Patented Live & Fake Finger Detection

·Optical sensor and algorithm detect fake fingers
(paper, film, silicone, rubber and gelatin)

International Standard Image Format and Interface

·ISO/IEC 19794-2:2005, ISO/IEC 19794-4:2005
·ANSI INCITS 378-2004
·WSQ Fingerprint Image Compression
·NFIQ(NITS Fingerprint Image Quality)

Rapid and Accurate Authentication

Compatible with Access Control S/W UNIS

·Fingerprint or card can be added / deleted
from the Software

Fingerprint or Card Authentication

·FOH02: Fingerprint
·FOH02RF : Fingerprint & 125KHz proximity card
·FOH02SC : Fingerprint & 13. 56 MHz smart card

Fingerprint Data Storage on Smart Card


Detail Specification FOH02

Fingerprint Type OPTICAL
Resolution 500dpi
Gray Scale 256 gray
Platen Size (W x L) 16 X 18 mm
Sensing Area (W x L) 15 X 17 mm
Auto Sensing O
Speed 10 frames per second(fps)
Interface USB 2.0
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 60°C
Operating Humidity 10 ~ 90%, non-condensing
Dimension (W x H x D) 74 x 77 x 84 mm
Certifications WHQL, KC, CE, FCC, ROHS
Image Format ISO 19794-4 WSQ, NFIQ, RAW, BMP
Template Type VIRDI, ISO 19794-2, ANSI 378
Operating System Windows, Linux/Android
Card Type RF: 125KHz
proximity card
SC: 13. 56
MHz smart card